I got a lot of pushback when suggesting that routine water changing is not the best way to control aquarium toxicity levels. Here’s what I heard:

  • I got used to the weekly water changing & testing routing and it’s working for me.
  • I invested in all the needed filters and I’m skeptical about a new filter.
  • I prefer to “play it safe” and go with the brand name filter manufacturers. Everybody is using the Canister or the HoB and I am dealing with the shortcomings and issues just like everybody else.

Almost as a given, if you want a mid-size or bigger aquarium, the “experts” will tell you that you need to change water on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and play chemist to control the pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, carbonate & hardness in your aquarium.    

If you want to upgrade to a new type of filter, one that will save you time and money, keep reading…

It is all about your “aquarium water cycle”. If the filters you have are not fit to address the root-cause (toxins that are building in your aquarium and killing your fish), the cycle will break sooner or later, even if you keep changing water.

After many years of going through the water schlepping, changing and testing routine (and losing the cycle and a portion of the fish population every few months), we decided to find a better way to create and maintain a stable ecosystem.

Our Aquabox filter provides a multi-layer approach that, if maintained properly, will element your toxins and will end the constant water changing. Our demo tank- a 55g loaded with community fish that are thriving- has one Aquabox-5070 and not one drop of water has been changed in the last 15 month!


If you are still skeptical and think that this cannot be possible, please check out our YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSW2zZQAlSI_T8ph_TvqKbg


So, how does it work?

Without getting too technical, ammonia is your enemy. Ammonia is a byproduct of organic waste in your aquarium (fish waste, uneaten food, dead / decomposing fish and other organic debris). By extracting the organic waste together with some other processes that take place inside the Aquabox, you control the “Nitrogen Cycle” (ammonia -> nitrite -> nitrate -> nitrogen gas).

The first layer - organic waste removal takes place at the Aquabox top layer “Fiber-media”. On a weekly basis the “Fiber-media” must be replaced, as per the “Weekly Maintenance” (see the “Instructions” page). Before replacing the “fiber-media”, a “Gravel Rake” / “Aquarium sand shovel” should be used to help any remote debris find its way to the Aquabox inlet.

(as needed, move the gravel / pebbles with the rake to get all waste out and towards the Aquabox inlet. Once satisfied that the organic debris was moved and collected in the Aquabox “Fiber-media”  (should take 3~4 minutes) proceed with the “Weekly Maintenance” process.


The second layer - contaminants, impurities, chlorine & sediment break-down takes place in the Aquabox second layer. The Active carbon" bio-pouch must be replaced on a monthly basis.                                                                                                                     
(Every 4~5 times that you replace the “Fiber-Media” you should replace the “Active carbon” bio-pouch).  

The Third layer (optional) - if the Aquabox has been running for few weeks, and the levels of nitrate / nitrite still persist (in a heavily populated aquarium or if some organic waste is present), add one “Tidal 55 Matrix” bio-pouch. 

The next layer (Third or Fourth) -
the "Ceramic rings" bio-pouch supports large populations of water purifying bacteria.

(This layer should not be replaced unless you plan to cycle the aquarium).

The bottom layer (Fourth or Fifth) - the large surface area of the "Bio-foam block" will support colonies of beneficial nitrifying bacteria. The Bio-foam block is crucial for efficient biological filtration and goes a long way in creating clear and healthy water for fish and plants to thrive. The live purifying bacteria are directly responsible for metabolizing and neutralizing ammonia and nitrite. 

(The "Bio-foam block" should never be removed unless you plan to cycle the aquarium).

This multi-layer setup combined with the appropriately sized Powerhead has proven effective and produces the best results.

Send your feedback / thoughts / questions to:    info@aquabox.club


The "AquaBox Internal Biological Filter (®)"

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