The "AquaBox Internal Biological Filter (®)"


Water quality is key for a stable ecosystem. How happy are you with your filtration system? More importantly, how happy are your fish?
With truly clean and balanced water, fish thrive and reproduce, plants grow and the aquarium bedding looks spotless. Our patented Internal Biological Filter is revolutionizing the way aquarium hobbyists and fish-tank owners maintain their systems. The AquaBox filter’s design simplicity and cost-effectiveness make the aquarium maintenance a breeze. 

The exsiting filtration solutions (External Canister, Hang on Back (HoB), "Undergrawel" or Sponge Filter) have many isuses for example:

 - "External Canister", "Hang on Back" (HoB):
                             1) Routing the water outside of the aquarium will (sooner or later) cause leaks
                             2) The Canister filter O-ring will fail and all the water will endup in the basement (it might take a year or two but it will happened)
                             3) When there is a power outage, the filter usualy will not start working when the power is back 
                             4) Maintenence and media replacment is an hassle
                             5) You can't see inside so you have to guess when it is time to replace the media
                             6) Small fish and fry will get sucked 
                             7) Doesn't add aeration / oxygen to the water
                             8) Doesn't collect from the lower layers (where most of the dirt is)

- "Undergrawel" or "Sponge Filter":
                             1) Doesn't support full Bio filtration (only capture the particles in the spong or under the grawel) and you have to keep changing water every few weeks
                             2) Maintenence of the Undergrawel filter requirs and aquarium rebuild 
                             3) Efficincy is limited (you can use those solutions in a smal 10~20 gallon aquarium or will need and additional system)  

The AquaBox filter address all those issues and ensure water quality control by utilizing the following multi layers system:
1) Top layer: Filter fiber to capture the particles (fish waste, leftover food etc..)
2) Second layer: Active carbon to remove contaminants and impurities
3) Third layer: Ceramic rings to support large populations of water purifying bacteria
4) Bottom Layer: Bio-foam block with 
multitude of tiny pores and large surface area will support colonies of beneficial nitrifying bacteria. The Bio-foam block is crucial for efficient biological filtration and goes a long way in creating clear and healthy water for fish and plants to thrive. The purifying bacteria is directly responsible for metabolizing and neutralizeing ammonia and nitrite so water changing, chemicals and continues water testing is minimazed.  

One of the biggest challenges for newbies and experienced aquarium owners is the water changing process. Depends on the size of your aquarium and how many fish you have, experts recommend 25% to 50% water change every few weeks, with the AquaBox filter this process is virtually eliminated. 

The "AquaBox-5070" unit will fit any aquarium with 40 to 90 gallons measuring over 16" (40 cm) in height.
For aquariums larger then 90 gallons, you can put two Aquabox-5070, one in each back corner. 

This unit will be an excellent fit for any Powerhead / water-pump with an inlet pipe of 1.25" / 32[mm] in diameter. If your Powerhead / water-pump inlet pipe diameter is different, use the "pump cone-adaptor" (usually comes with the pump) or contact us for help. 

The "AquaBox-2030" unit will fit any aquarium with 20 to 40 gallons measuring over 12" (30 cm) in height.  

This unit will  will be an excellent fit for any Powerhead / water-pump with an inlet pipe of 1" / 25[mm] in diameter. If your Powerhead / water-pump inlet pipe diameter is different, use the "pump cone-adaptor" (usually comes with the pump) or contact us for help.

Water Circulation

In general, you need a Powerhead / water-pump that will cycle all the water in your tank around 5 ~ 6 times per hour. So, for example, 

- If you have a 55 to 70 Gallon tank ( 200 to 260 Liter), you need somthing like the AquaClear 70    
- If you have a 40 to 55 Gallon tank ( 150 to 200 Liter), you need somthing like the AquaClear 50 
- If you have a 30 to 40 Gallon tank ( 110 to 150 Liter), you need somthing like the AquaClear 30 
- If you have a 20 to 30 Gallon tank (  75  to 110 Liter), you need somthing like the  AquaClear 20 
- If you have a 10 to 20 Gallon tank (  35  to   75 Liter), you need somthing like the  AquaClear 10 

e-mail:  info@AquaBox.Club

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