The "AquaBox Internal Biological Filter (®)"

How happy are you with your filtration system? More importantly, how happy are your fish? 

Water quality is key to a stable ecosystem and your filter is the most critical component to ensure the best water quality. 

With a truly clean and balanced water, fish thrive and reproduce, plants grow and the aquarium bedding looks spotless. Our patented Internal Biological Filter is revolutionizing the way aquarium hobbyists and fish-tank owners (30g to 70g) maintain their systems. The AquaBox filter’s design simplicity, cost-effectiveness and low maintenance make the aquarium up-keep a breeze. 

Here are some of the challenges with the existing filtrations systems:

 - "Canister" filters:
                             1)   Routing the water outside of the aquarium will, sooner or later, cause leaks (O-ring issues, bent or clogged pipes issues) 
                             2)   After a power outage, the filter might not start working automatically 
                             3)   Maintenance and media replacement are hassles
                             4)   Since you can't see inside, time for media replacing \ cleaning is everyone's guess
                             5)   Small fish and fry will get sucked in
                             6)   Doesn't add aeration / oxygen to the water, which is useful for ammonia and nitrite removal 
                             7)   Doesn't collect from the lower layers where most of the dirt is located

- "Hang on Back" (HoB) filters:
                             1)  Will prevent you from closing the aquarium's top-cover.
                             2)  Will prevent you from placing the aquarium directly against the wall (you will need 3"~ 4" between the wall and the aquarium and 3" ~ 4" from above)  

- "Undergravel" or "Sponge" filters:
                             1) Doesn't support full Bio filtration (only capture the particles in the spong or under the gravel) 
                             2) Maintenence of the Undergrvel filter is arduous as it requires aquarium rebuild / cycle
                             3) Efficiency is limited (you can use those solutions in a small 10~20 gallon aquarium or will need and additional filters)  

The AquaBox filter addresses all issues associated with current filtration solutions while minimizing (if not eliminating) the need to keep changing and testing the water. It ensures optimal water quality control by utilizing the following five layers:

1) Top layer: Filter fiber to capture the particles (fish waste, leftover food and debris)
2) Second layer: Active carbon to remove contaminants and impurities
3) Third layer: Ceramic rings to support large populations of water purifying bacteria
4) Bottom / forth layer: Bio-foam block with 
multitude of tiny pores and large surface area will support colonies of beneficial nitrifying bacteria. The Bio-foam block is crucial for efficient biological filtration and goes a long way in creating clear and healthy water for fish and plants to thrive. The live purifying bacteria is directly responsible for metabolizing and neutralizeing ammonia and nitrite so water changing, chemicals and continues water testing is minimazed. The Bio-foam block should never be removed unless you plan to cycle the aquarium. 
5) Fifth layer: built -in aeration, Powerhead pumps usually support air-siphoning with the water return outlet which raise the oxygen level in the water and also helping with the Ammonia and nitrite removal.

The biggest challeng for aquarium hobbyists is to achieve an optimal water quality. Depending on the size of your aquarium and how many fish you have, experts recommend a regular water change of 25% to 50% of water every few weeks.

With the AquaBox filter, water changing is virtually eliminated! 

The pictures that you see at the top of this page are of a 55 gallon aquarium with one AquaBox-5070 fitted with the Aquaclear-70 powerhead.  This aquarium is running for a over a year now with zero water change!
I do replace the top layerFilter fiber every 7 ~ 10 days and the Second layerActive carbon bag once a month and that's it.    

AquaBox-5070 The "AquaBox-5070" unit will fit any aquarium with 45 to 75 gallons measuring around 18" (45 cm) in height or taller.

AquaBox-3040 The "AquaBox-3040" unit will fit any aquarium with 25 to 45 gallons measuring around 14" (35 cm) in height or taller.


The "AquaBox-1020" unit will fit any aquarium with 10 to 25 gallons measuring around 10" (25 cm) in height or taller.  


The Aquabox filter will fit any Powerhead / water-pump with an inlet pipe of 1.25" (32mm) or smaller diameter. If your Powerhead / water-pump inlet pipe diameter is different, use the "pump cone-adaptor" (usually comes with the pump) or contact us for help.

Special Orders:

- We can make the back or front (or both) walls darker (smoked) so the internal workings of the Aquabox are less visible.

- We can also provide you a complete solution with the Powerhead and a "outlet extension" to route the stream downwards and to the side (to create the perfect water circulation in your aquarium).


Water Circulation

For a "moderately populated" aquarium, you need a Powerhead / water-pump that will cycle all the water in your tank around 5 ~ 6 times per hour. So, for example, 

- If you have 55 to 70 Gallon tank ( 200 to 260 Liter), you need somthing like the : AquaClear 70   or Penguin 1140    or Cobalt MJ1200       
- If you have 40 to 55 Gallon tank ( 150 to 200 Liter), you need somthing like the : AquaClear 50   or Penguin 660 or Cobalt MJ600
- If you have 30 to 40 Gallon tank ( 110 to 150 Liter), you need somthing like the : AquaClear 30   or Penguin 660 or Cobalt MJ600
- If you have 20 to 30 Gallon tank (  75  to 110 Liter), you need something like the : AquaClear 20   or Penguin 550 or Cobalt MJ400
- If you have 10 to 20 Gallon tank (  35  to   75 Liter), you need somthing like the : AquaClear 10   or Penguin 550 or Cobalt MJ400



e-mail:  info@AquaBox.Club
Facebook group:

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